500 Days to 50 is Here!

Havana CubaWhew! I made it.  I am so excited! Starting a blog was a challenge for me but AS OF TODAY, I have 500 days before turning 50.  Thank you for being here!

I honestly thought that I would have my act together by the time I turned 40.  In reality, it’s all gone south since then. I have multiple health issues that I am convinced are fixable.  My house is falling apart all around me (also fixable). I have way too many hobbies (not fixable, not giving any of them up).   

I’m determined to learn how to utilize my time to its fullest in these 500 days.


500 days to lose a significant amount of weight.  I’ve been overweight for quite some time but it escalated when I earned a case of plantar fasciitis and put on 40 additional pounds.  You see, being overweight is one of the causes of plantar fasciitis but it makes it really difficult to get those extra pounds off when you can barely walk.  It’s a vicious cycle. Hypothyroidism sure doesn’t help with that weight problem either. As a result of that weight gain, let’s add to that sleep apnea and borderline high blood pressure.


500 days to get my house pulled back together.  Some projects are merely purging and organizing like the master bedroom closet and bedroom closet that my daughter abandoned with tons of stuff from school when she moved out, oh, eight years ago.  Others are hard core repairs and remodeling. We have a painted, wooden wrap around front porch that is so neglected that the decking and some of the posts are rotting away. This one is high priority.


500 days to get the garden under control.  We are currently in process of putting in new raised beds to accommodate my recent gardening addiction.  There are 14 large tomato plants that desperately need planting plus another dozen that need new homes. I have considered asking for applications for my seedlings as I feel like they are my babies.  Actually, I call them that. I started them way too early. They are all huge and honestly I don’t know how I will part ways with them but it must happen.


500 days to travel?  Sure, why not?  I do have an epic trip to Scotland planned in May.  How about learn how to manage my time better so that I may have the opportunity to enjoy spending time in my garden, cooking, painting, and traveling? These are the things that relax me, reduce my stress, improve my mental health.

I hope you join me for the ride.  500 days does not seem like a long time to accomplish all of these goals.  Or maybe it’s plenty of time…

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