New Year, New You?

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It’s cliche. I know it. January 1st and I’m “getting back on track,” “starting fresh.”

Okay, now it’s January 23rd. You can see how well getting a fresh start has worked for me.

Now, it isn’t that I haven’t gotten anything done in the new year. I have done a lot of work in my basement, getting out all the trash and crap that I just do not need. Between Marie Kondo and Dana K. White, we have mostly decluttered the disaster.

We have lived in our current home for 10 years now and the level of stored junk had risen to an epic level. With Marie and Dana looking over my shoulder, I brazenly made my trash, donate and keep piles.

The hard part is that I am temporarily storing stuff for two of my children as well as my mother who can’t seem to get rid of anything. She winters in Arizona and when she returns, we are going to have a little session of “why do we really need this?”

We have a lot of china, crystal, old photos and memorabilia that have been in the family for years but it sits in boxes. Doing nothing. And lets’s face it, millennials don’t give a rip about it. They are never going to be fighting over Grandma Ann’s glassware.

For now, I am going to start using some of this stuff. I am going to use some of that china and crystal. Get some of those old photos out and put them on display.

There’s no use in having it if you’re not going to use it.

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